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Early Bird Registration Available Now!

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The Essential Magic Conference is back. Join us on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July for the third and final event in the Essential Magic Conference Trilogy.

33 Magicians, 3 Days of Magic. The Essential Magic Conference is the world’s first digital conference for magic and magicians.

Watch live via the internet. Watch all sessions online and on demand for one year. And receive an 8 DVD Box Set of all the sessions once the conference is over. DVDs mailed post free to anywhere in the world.

Register for the EMC2012 and get a 25% Discount on all Essential Magic Collection products. This includes the highly praised DVDs of Dani DaOrtiz, Lennart Green, René Lavand and many other great magicians.

Register before May 31st for the Essential Magic Conference to receive your 25% Discount. Discount applied on any order for single or multiple items. You could save hundreds of dollars!


Every Early Bird Member will be automatically entered into a Prize Draw. $1000 in prizes has been sponsored by Murphy’s Magic Supplies. Register before 31st May for free entry.


Copperfield joins EMC

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We are very happy to announce that David Copperfield will be joining us via live video link from Las Vegas and giving an exclusive interview for EMC members. You will have a chance to choose the questions. This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the greatest magicians ever, a performer who redefined what it meant to be an illusionist in modern times. We were thrilled when David Copperfield agreed to the interview but then he surprised us with another exclusive, a virtual tour of his museum of magic in Las Vegas!

A virtual tour of the DAVID COPPERFIELD MUSEUM

As part of the conference David Copperfield will be giving us a live tour of his amazing museum of magic in Las Vegas. This is one of the most magnificent collections of magic ever assembled. And our tour will be conducted personally via David Copperfield. Register now and take the tour as part of the Essential Magic Conference. And look out for our request for questions for David Copperfield. We want you to help build this exclusive interview. 

All we need now is you! Register now for EMC2011

A message from Stan Allen

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Traveling halfway around the world last summer to take part in an Internet convention seemed a bit silly, but I couldn’t resist. You see, I’m always looking to get behind projects that I feel will advance the art of magic. And there’s no question about it, the Essential Magic Conference in 2010 advanced the art of magic. And I’m not the only one who feels that way. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who sent me emails or mentioned EMC in person for months later. The message was always the same: how impressed they were with the entire event and how much they learned from it! If you missed it in 2010, I challenge you to sit down with the DVDs and not be amazed over the amount of incredible information that is crammed onto those eight discs, not to mention the professional way it’s all presented. Now, Luis, Marco, and David are doing it again. And once again, I can’t resist being part of it. See you online!

Stan Allen

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EMC | Paradise Found?

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Jon Racherbaumer in his article Paradise Found? in Magic magazine wrote: ‘It was an experiment worth doing, a game worth playing, a risk worth taking, and a dance worth dancing.’ For Jon the conference was a realisation of a prediction he made in 1995 that total access to magic via computer was near at hand. EMC made that dream a reality providing three days of magic and 16 hours of lectures and demonstrations by 33 performers.

Jon went on to praise the performers and the sheer variety of magic on offer. He summed up the online experience as ‘like watching fireworks: wonderful, exotic designs of streaming light, accompanied by explosions, streamed across a dark sky. Then they vanished. Then another display burst across the sky. Then another. And another. I eventually felt immersed in the virtual space – connected, a member of a tribe. When the conference finally ended I felt as though I had been there with the others in the studio. We had asked questions, responded to polls, and chatted with one another. We wereparticipants, truly participating – all connected by computers and never having to leave home.'

Thanks to MAGIC magazine courtesy you can download the entire article here.

A message from Max Maven

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If I had to use one word to sum up last year’s EMC, it would be exhilarating. Being a part of that event was truly something special. For those of us who were there in Portugal, it was a great time, both socially and academically. Spending several days with friends, old and new, was great fun. And of course, the many varied presentations, talks, lectures, performances and panel discussions were really informative and, frequently, highly inspirational.

Over the past year, from the many conversations I’ve had with people who participated in EMC via the Internet, both watching the live streaming video and interacting through simultaneous on-line chatting, it’s clear that the exhilaration was not limited to those who were physically present in the studio. The primary goal of EMC was to create an involving and stimulating experience for everyone. And it was!

Of course, the whole thing was recorded in HD, and those who caught up with it later on via its release on multiple DVDs were also enthusiastic. But, for those who were able to join in on-line, in real time, EMC was even more compelling.

And now, we get to do it again. I’m pleased to be one of the returning in-studio participants. Again, it will be a diverse line-up, bringing together magicians from different parts of the world, different cultural backgrounds, different generations, different styles and approaches—but all connected by an abiding love of the Mystery Arts, and a desire to share and support by celebrating our past and nurturing our future.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Max Maven

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