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Opus is one of the great underground magazines of magic. Its five volumes contain tricks, comment, reviews and interviews from some of the top people in magic. It was a cult classic, a magazine that was eagerly awaited by its followers and famous for its unique take on the magic scene. It was one of the best designed magazines too, featuring stunning artwork from Chris Power. 

Thanks to publishers Chris Power and JJ  we will be giving away volume 1 to everyone who registers for EMC 2011. Register now and see Chris Power and JJ lecture at EMC. And get your free pdf download of Opus Magazine Volume 1, edited by Ian Keable. This will be distributed online exclusively to members following their presentation.

Contact your favorite dealer or Register now for EMC2011 and join in the magic event of the year.

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Default-avatar-thumb Where can I find the download link of the magazine?
Ma Wing Fung, about 8 years ago
Avatar1thumb Where is the download link, please ? I haven't received any email about that. ??
Jean Jaecklé, about 8 years ago
Zippythumb Eagerly awaiting further info about this download
John Glaze, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Where can I find the download link of the magazine?

Jose Antº Cachadiña
Jose Antonio Cachadiña, about 8 years ago
Luigimarsouthparkthumb Will the link be given soon?
Luis Espino, about 8 years ago
Zippythumb I've emailed them asking this question, hope to get a reply soon. Perhaps you should email them too, let them know there's interest in this.
John Glaze, about 8 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Hi guys - it's in the Downloads area now!
Andrew Corbin, about 8 years ago
Headshotthumb So where is Vol 2????
Daniel Smith, about 7 years ago
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