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Hi there,
I had a great time at EMC 2010 and am delighted to be invited back again this year.  Last time I spoke about the psychology of magic, focusing on how it is that the human mind has put a man on the moon and conquered major diseases, yet still gets fooled by the likes of dippy duck.   Along the way I examined how optical illusions worked, how people look but don't see, and how key aspects of magic tricks vanish from memory. 
There was a great atmosphere at Studio 33, and I don't think that I will ever forget the moment when ace pickpocket Apollo Robbins deftly removed my trousers. 
It has been a busy year for me.  I have written a new book on the psychology of the paranormal, spent far too much time on Twitter, and made online videos involving vanishing skulls and penetrating balls.
This year at the EMC I will try my best to cover all sorts of topics, including my search for the world's first ever film of a magician, the relationship between magic and sex, and irrefutable evidence that ghosts exist.  Oh, and I also need to get my trousers back.


Richard Wiseman

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