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Throughout my very active and long life, over 60 years in magic, I have always had a dream that one day there would be a possibility to have an international convention, bringing every magical enthusiast together in one location.

This dream came true last year with the first Essential Magic Conference.  It took just one man with the vision, the inspiration and the energy to make this happen.

Luis de Matos, together with his wonderful team, the facilities of his technically advanced television studios, needed just two more ingredients:  The knowledgeable and inventive David Britland and the computer genius Marco Tempest.

I felt very privileged and honoured to be asked to introduce this new concept last year, via a Skype link.  This year I have been invited to attend and I very much look forward to learning, sharing and collaborating with my fellow delegates.  

Everyone who is passionate about our unique art form must take this opportunity to be part of this world-wide magic think tank!

You will be amazed, amused, inspired and highly entertained.  Tell all your magical friends - they will thank you.

David Berglas

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