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Since my appearance on the first EMC in 2010 my travels have taken me to many parts of the world and it has been most gratifying to hear magicians talk about their own experience watching that first internet convention. Only then did I fully realize that all 33 of us in Portugal really did visit homes and magic clubs in every corner of the world. Magicians told of emailing in questions about something they had seen during a session and moments later having the answer to their question broadcast live to the rest of the world. They said it really did make them feel as if they were in the studio with us participating in the lectures and demonstrations. I will carry all of those good feelings with me this year when I return to Portugal for EMC2011.

Once again the line up of artists is so fantastic that we all anxiously sign on just for the opportunity to spend three intense days working and socializing with good friends and others whom we know only by reputation. I will happily travel 12,000 miles to attend EMC2011 but you can do so without ever leaving your house. All 33 of us will be coming your way soon and we hope you will send us your questions, comments and opinions on how we did.

Mike Caveney

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Rz_8.10.2011athumb Hey Mike,

Greetings from Tinseltown! Yesterday I watched your 1981 performance at the Variety Arts Center, along with Richiardi's. Great stuff!

Looking forward to seeing your talk tomorrow.

Rob Z.
ROB ZABRECKY, almost 8 years ago
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