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Posted by Lu Chen, about 8 years ago. 3 comments

Hello, all my magic friends,

I am supposed to tell you how cool EMC is and how it has changed the history of the magic world, but when I gave it some consideration I found it unnecessary. The other speakers have already told you. I believe you got the message.

I am supposed to tell you how experienced, how great, these 33 speakers are. I am supposed to tell you about the wonderful ideas they will share. But when I gave this some consideration I found this too unnecessary because you can check all those details for yourself on the website of the EMC. I believe you got the message.

Finally, I am supposed to tell you what a good person Luis de Matos is, what a great friend, how hard he works for EMC and what a pleasure it was to be invited by him to join the conference. And how much he does to make everyone happy. But I believe that all the other speakers have told you this already.

I want to say something different to the others…

Let me see.... Em.... Ah.... I think....

Ok, you already know EMC is fantastic. What are you waiting for? Join us now and tell all your friends immediately. Let’s enjoy this magical journey together!   

Lu Chen

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Mickey_mouse_cartoonthumb I'm in!

Looking forward to your show and talk in 5 days:)
Bing Hu, about 8 years ago
1thumb What a distinctive and cute message! ^_^
Hope you have a great time in Lisbon!
Look forward to your performance and lecture!
Yang Song, about 8 years ago
Dsc00972thumb I'm here!

Looking forward to watching your performance and lecture again!

Enjoy it!
Su Qin Tang, about 8 years ago
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