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A message from Bruno Copin

Posted by Bruno Copin, about 8 years ago. 1 comment


I am very proud to take part in these new EMC sessions. It is a great pleasure for me to share with you all my personal work in the art of magic.

My real dream would be to create a world community of "thread users.”

I will be online for this marvelous rendezvous on the internet. It will give you the opportunity to ask all the questions running in your head about using thread in magic.

Welcome to you all for 3 exceptional days of peace, sharing and magic.

Bruno Copin

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A message from David Berglas

Posted by David Berglas, about 8 years ago. 0 comments


Throughout my very active and long life, over 60 years in magic, I have always had a dream that one day there would be a possibility to have an international convention, bringing every magical enthusiast together in one location.

This dream came true last year with the first Essential Magic Conference.  It took just one man with the vision, the inspiration and the energy to make this happen.

Luis de Matos, together with his wonderful team, the facilities of his technically advanced television studios, needed just two more ingredients:  The knowledgeable and inventive David Britland and the computer genius Marco Tempest.

I felt very privileged and honoured to be asked to introduce this new concept last year, via a Skype link.  This year I have been invited to attend and I very much look forward to learning, sharing and collaborating with my fellow delegates.  

Everyone who is passionate about our unique art form must take this opportunity to be part of this world-wide magic think tank!

You will be amazed, amused, inspired and highly entertained.  Tell all your magical friends - they will thank you.

David Berglas

Copperfield joins EMC

Posted by Blog, about 8 years ago. 0 comments

We are very happy to announce that David Copperfield will be joining us via live video link from Las Vegas and giving an exclusive interview for EMC members. You will have a chance to choose the questions. This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the greatest magicians ever, a performer who redefined what it meant to be an illusionist in modern times. We were thrilled when David Copperfield agreed to the interview but then he surprised us with another exclusive, a virtual tour of his museum of magic in Las Vegas!

A virtual tour of the DAVID COPPERFIELD MUSEUM

As part of the conference David Copperfield will be giving us a live tour of his amazing museum of magic in Las Vegas. This is one of the most magnificent collections of magic ever assembled. And our tour will be conducted personally via David Copperfield. Register now and take the tour as part of the Essential Magic Conference. And look out for our request for questions for David Copperfield. We want you to help build this exclusive interview. 

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A message from Richard Wiseman

Posted by Richard Wiseman, about 8 years ago. 0 comments

Hi there,
I had a great time at EMC 2010 and am delighted to be invited back again this year.  Last time I spoke about the psychology of magic, focusing on how it is that the human mind has put a man on the moon and conquered major diseases, yet still gets fooled by the likes of dippy duck.   Along the way I examined how optical illusions worked, how people look but don't see, and how key aspects of magic tricks vanish from memory. 
There was a great atmosphere at Studio 33, and I don't think that I will ever forget the moment when ace pickpocket Apollo Robbins deftly removed my trousers. 
It has been a busy year for me.  I have written a new book on the psychology of the paranormal, spent far too much time on Twitter, and made online videos involving vanishing skulls and penetrating balls.
This year at the EMC I will try my best to cover all sorts of topics, including my search for the world's first ever film of a magician, the relationship between magic and sex, and irrefutable evidence that ghosts exist.  Oh, and I also need to get my trousers back.


Richard Wiseman

A message from Paul Daniels

Posted by Paul Daniels, about 8 years ago. 0 comments

Hello hello hello and welcome welcome welcome to the EMC.
Isn't the concept of this live and online conference/convention of magic guys simply AMAZING and such a WONDERFUL idea?
I am very proud to have been asked to take part in EMC and even though I have had to change some booking dates I am sure it will be well worth the effort.    I have told as many magicians as I could reach that they MUST take part in EMC if they love magic and they want to improve their performances.
If you are reading this then you are already a part of it and now ALL of us can start the learning process. Exciting, isn't it?

Paul Daniels

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