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A message from Jordan Gomez

Posted by Jordan Gomez, almost 8 years ago. 0 comments

Hello everybody,
I've registered last year, 
I saw a amazing event, i really enjoyed to be part as a member in front of my computer, the performances, the chat, the questions... Thank you Louis de Matos to bring this to the magic community.
This year i'm very happy to be a speaker. Let me show you my first lecture, i have so many ideas to share with you. Not only about my CDs & Balls manipulation act but also the process of creation that use and much more...
Trust me, you have to book the three days for this event. Don't miss the HD magic coming in your home this year. Invite your friends, book your pizzas and enjoy!

Jordan Gomez

A message from Eric Mead

Posted by Eric Mead, almost 8 years ago. 1 comment

To subscribers of EMC and the curious:
Eric Mead here, and I'm happy to report that I've been invited back to speak again at EMC 2011. 
You might think that I agreed to come back again because it's fun. You would be partially correct, as the first EMC was a delightful three days. Not only the "on camera" talks and real time interaction with attendees through the internet, but we laughed told stories and shared magic during the downtime between sessions--and it was really a great time I'm thrilled to repeat. 
But the real reason I'm returning is that I feel something important is going on here. Luis and his team are pioneering something new for magic. A truly world wide magic convention and conversation that is delivered to you through technology, instead of you having to come to it. It's an idea being explored in many fields, from business and science, to social interests and family gatherings, and everything in between. In times past magic was often on the forefront of cutting edge technology, but has fallen behind in most of the important areas. So I believe what Luis and his team are doing is important, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it at the beginning--when no one, including the EMC creators and staff, can yet see what it will evolve into. 
The other thing that pushed me to return was the great variety of speakers and topics in 2010, and how magic was treated seriously as an academic, artistic, and creative art. There were heady talks about magic theory, talks that explored method and secrets, talks about the business and commercial side of magic, and even presentations aimed at pure fun and entertainment. I loved the swirling pool of ideas we swam in, and the palpable conviction that magic is not trivial, but something to be respected, and shared with a sense of import and importance. 
My suspicion is that 20 years from now this kind of exchange will be commonplace. For now though, as it is in its infancy, I'm proud to be a part of EMC. I hope you'll join us on this journey, and participate fully with us as we explore the art of magic together in this new and exciting way. 

Eric Mead

Opus Magazine

Posted by Blog, almost 9 years ago. 8 comments

Opus is one of the great underground magazines of magic. Its five volumes contain tricks, comment, reviews and interviews from some of the top people in magic. It was a cult classic, a magazine that was eagerly awaited by its followers and famous for its unique take on the magic scene. It was one of the best designed magazines too, featuring stunning artwork from Chris Power. 

Thanks to publishers Chris Power and JJ  we will be giving away volume 1 to everyone who registers for EMC 2011. Register now and see Chris Power and JJ lecture at EMC. And get your free pdf download of Opus Magazine Volume 1, edited by Ian Keable. This will be distributed online exclusively to members following their presentation.

Contact your favorite dealer or Register now for EMC2011 and join in the magic event of the year.

EMC PASS | The perfect gift!

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The Essential Magic Conference is the world's only digital conference for magic. 33 of the world's finest magicians, giving 16 hours of lectures, presentations and performances over 3 days.  You can register online for the conference now. If you would like to invite someone this is the perfect gift for anyone interested in magic. It costs $90 (approximately 70€).

The Pass is a scratch card which has a special code that gives you access to the conference. The code is for a single user and gives access to the live conference, access to all the conference events on demand so that you can watch them whenever you wish. After the conference we also  send you a set of DVDs that contain all the conference videos.

Contact your favorite dealer or Register now for EMC2011 and join in the magic event of the year.

Copperfield joins EMC

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We are very happy to announce that David Copperfield will be joining us via live video link from Las Vegas and giving an exclusive interview for EMC members. You will have a chance to choose the questions. This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of the greatest magicians ever, a performer who redefined what it meant to be an illusionist in modern times. We were thrilled when David Copperfield agreed to the interview but then he surprised us with another exclusive, a virtual tour of his museum of magic in Las Vegas!

A virtual tour of the DAVID COPPERFIELD MUSEUM

As part of the conference David Copperfield will be giving us a live tour of his amazing museum of magic in Las Vegas. This is one of the most magnificent collections of magic ever assembled. And our tour will be conducted personally via David Copperfield. Register now and take the tour as part of the Essential Magic Conference. And look out for our request for questions for David Copperfield. We want you to help build this exclusive interview. 

All we need now is you! Register now for EMC2011

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