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Speakers at EMC2011

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People have been asking us for months, who will be appearing at the Essential Magic Conference this year. We had such an incredible line up last year. How could we put together an equally amazing line up this year?

We want to make every conference special and we think we have succeeded. Now all we need is you!

Here is the list of Speakers for the Essential Magic Conference 2011. Together they bring an astonishing range of knowledge, skill and experience to the conference. The schedule for the conference will be posted on our website when ready.

But today we can announce the names of the Speakers.

Register Now for EMC 2011

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Today we launch the second Essential Magic Conference. It will take place on the 7th, 8th, 9th of July. The first Essential Magic Conference in 2010 was a watershed event in magic, the world’s first digital conference for magicians. It achieved an ‘Epic’ rating from registrants in our online poll. And sensational reviews the world over. This July we promise to do it all over again. 3 days of incredible online lectures from 33 of the world’s finest magicians.

Registration costs $90/ €70. It includes full access to the 3 days of conference presentations. One year’s access to an online archive of all the presentations. Plus a set of DVDs featuring all the conference content, plus bonus materials, mailed directly to you, anywhere in the world, post free.

Speakers for EMC 2011 will be announced shortly. And we have some very big surprises in store. Register now.

Max Maven's Res-Cue

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Max Maven's wonderful divination effect is now online. Max performed this routine in Session 3 of the Essential Magic Conference and promised that the explanation would be posted on the website. Well, now it is.

This is a very clever routine in which Max divines the names of two freely selected cards. It looks absolutely impossible. And the explanation can be found as a member's only item in the Video section of the website.

New additions to the website will always be announced here and in our Newsletters. Keep watching this space.

The Conjuring Arts Research Center

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A big thank you to William Kalush and the Conjuring Arts Research Center for giving us a glimpse of the magical treasure trove that is Ask Alexander.

Members who registered with EMC before the conference was over are entitled to a free one month's trial of the Ask Alexander database. If you qualify for the offer an email is already being sent to you from the Conjuring Arts Research Center with details about accessing Ask Alexander.

Ask Alexander is a tremendous achievement. It holds thousands of pages, documents and books all of which can be searched online. Whether you are looking for tricks, people or history, Ask Alexander provides the answer. We consider it absolutely invaluable and urge you to give it a try.

So watch out for an email from The Conjuring Arts Research Center. The 30 day trial begins only when you activate  your account by clicking the link in the email you have been sent. Which means you can start it at your own convenience.

The Sessions Are Now Online

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All the Sessions are now online. The two-hour sessions have been split into two separate videos for easier access.

To view the sessions all you need to do is log in with your user name and password. Click on the Videos page. And then choose which Session you want to view.

The contents of the Sessions can be found in the original schedule.

This is stage one of our uploading process. The next stage is to index the Sessions and make each presentation available as a separate file and in a higher quality. This will take some time. And is the precursor to making all the conference content available on DVD. We expect to deliver the DVDs before the end of the year to all registrants.

If you did not see the conference live, you can still register and access all our content on demand.

See our registration page for details. If you register now you will still receive the DVDs mailed post free to your home wherever you live. But this offer will come to an end soon so please register now if you'd like to take advantage of it.

Thank you.

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