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Akira is renowned for his perfectly executed technique. Perfection is the goal as seen in his beautiful Linking Cigarette routine or in his demonstrations of a faultless pass with a deck of cards.

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Akira Fujii is a professional magic who has appeared many times on Japanese television. He is famous among fellow magicians for his amazing technique with coins, cards and, of course, those famous Linking Cigarettes, a penetration effect that had magicians rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

Card workers know Akira for the perfect execution of the pass, which he perfected using steel plates in lieu of cards. Graham Adams, took a similar route to practicing the pass in the 1950s, advocating the use of two wooden blocks in place of the two halves of the deck, so perhaps there is something to it.

Published material of Akira Fujii available outside of Japan includes Coins Akiras (DVD), Card Magic Encyclopedia (DVD), Linking Cigarette (DVD) and P.S.P – Plates for Speed up of Pass.

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