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Versatility is the key to Anton Lopez. Magic. There is not an aspect of it that he has not touched, from touring a tent show to setting up his own museum of magic. He has an incredible number of magical inventions to his name, many of them truly extraordinary.

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As well as being a professional performer Anton Lopez is a producer and organizer of magic festivals. He is the creator of the Merlin and Family shows, The Return to Sao Paulo which was performed in 365 schools and a show entitled Arms Control.
Antón López Rivas, known professionally as Mago Antón, was born in Castroverde, Lugo, in 1956. His interest in magic began in Lugo where he was studying. In 1976 he studied psychology at the University of Santiago while continuing his interest in magic and ventriloquism.
In 1979 he became a professional magician and ventriloquist and obtained a special award from the Critique of São Paulo for his character, Fecundo. He came into contact with the magic school in Madrid and gave hundreds of performances in Portugal, Madrid, Cataluña, País Vasco and several other European countries including Belgium and Netherlands.
He attended some international magic conventions where his original magic begins to gain recognition. It was the first time some of his effects had been made available to fellow performers.
In the 1980s he produced a series of outdoor shows, Merlin and Family, housed in a huge tent with a seating capacity for 1,000 spectators. His success led to his own television special and an award from the Associated Press, Radio and TV in Lugo.
In 1993 he produced his most ambitious project at the Xacobeo, an annual cultural festival in Galicia, then sponsored by the City of Santiago. It was called The Milky Way, a multi-media show housed in its own huge tent. It ran every day for four months in Santiago with great success before moving on to the major cities of Sao Paulo and finishing the tour in Pamplona and Madrid.
Pioneering new ways of delivering magic to his audiences Mago Anton created a special vehicle that became an intimate theatre space in which up to 80 spectators could enjoy close-up magic. It was able to provide different shows, among them Antonomaxia and the Unusual Romance of Count Cagliostro, the latter coinciding with the Xacobea festival of 1999.
Other projects followed including a collaboration with the Sinfonica Orchestra of Galicia in which magic and musical learning were combined.
In 2001 Mago Anton revived his ventriloquial character Fecundo and used it as the base from which to produce a show that took as its theme the history of mankind.
The Mago Anton online magic store was opened in 2002, providing an opportunity for the rest of the magic world to access many of Anton’s unusual and creative inventions.
The Critics Award Foundation of St. Paul made another award to Mago Anton in 2003, the prestigious award Galego egrexio, in recognition of his cultural work. That same year he successfully organized the Collective Magic Waldemar de Lugo, which is part of the 1st Week International Magic Lugo, sponsored by the City Council.
He returned to television in 2004 with two specials for TVG, Magicians in Wonderland and Lugo-magic. It was also the year that the Teatro Principal de Santiago premiered Mago Anton’s Arms Control show for Amnesty International
In 2007 Mago Anton produced the 1st International Week of magic "Magic Compostela 2007" from 15th to 21st April, sponsored by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Santiago de Compostela, one of Galicia’s most beautiful cities. He is currently working on a special project, a museum and clubroom for magic.

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