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Bruno Copin imbues inanimate objects with life in the most magical way. Cards flip, spin, move and dance as they play out stories of life and love. A master of threadwork, he brings a new dimension to this favourite device of the conjuror.

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Bruno Copin could be described as a magical puppeteer. His work with threads is both original and unusual, akin to stories played out on the tabletop by cards, cigarettes and other objects. His routines feature truly magical moments that will have you shaking your head in wonder.

Take for example The Butterfly Effect where Bruno Copin talks about the flap of a butterfly’s wing that starts a tornado across the other side of the world. In this tabletop dramatisation the spin of one card sets other card spinning in the hands of the spectator. Everything is immediately examined. These are the hallmarks Bruno Copin’s work, a poetic and elegant story that culminates in an impossible and memorable moment.

Other original creations of Bruno Copin include: The Wedding, Crazy Ball and Friends 1 and Friends 2 (DVDs).

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