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Gazzo is a legend among street entertainers. For over 30 years he has been mixing comedy, magic, and British charm to provide a must see show that has become the benchmark for street magicians all over the world.

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Gazzo is one of the most sought after entertainers in the world. For over 30 years he has been mixing comedy, magic, and British charm to provide a must see show.
Originally from England, he started his career as a street performer on the streets of London and soon after took his show to America. For the past 27 years Gazzo has been seen at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, numerous comedy clubs in New England and New York, cruise ships, colleges, and various corporate events all across America. He has performed in such countries as Canada, USA, UK, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, and all across Europe. His show consists of some of the best sleight of hand magic combined with some of the best one-liners you will ever hear. This guy is just damn funny! Some of the best in the industry have said "Gazzo is so funny he scares me"- Amazing Jonathan , " You fooled me incredible performer" - David Blaine, " A show biz Legend" - Teller of Penn & Teller, " You made me laugh a lot, can I buy you a drink?" -Steven Wright.
Most famous for his cups and balls routine, Gazzo has turned a classic effect into a stunning piece of entertainment that combines sleight of hand skills with laugh out loud comedy.
With David Britland he wrote Phantoms of the Card Table, a book detailing the time he spent as a friend and pupil of Walter Scott, the legendary card cheat.

Interests in magic

Obviously the classics. Cups and balls, The Egg Bag, Misers Dream, Card to Pocket, Tossed out Deck. I love being fooled. I love watching people like Dave Williamson, Juan Tamariz, Bill Malone. I admire confidence in a performer, a good example of this is Billy Mcomb and Bob Read and David Blaine. I have a great love for the art and the greatest thing for me is meeting all the interesting people in my life through magic. I feel very honored and humbled to have sat down with all the greats in this era; Vernon, Marlo, Jennings, Cellini, Slydini, Garcia, Walton, Page, Robinson, Kaps, Forte, Jonny Thompson, Walter Scott, the list could go on. I wouldn't hesitate in driving 3 days south or north just so I could meet somebody. Thats my biggest interest I think is meeting new friends through magic. Thats magic to me.

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