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James is the CEO of the Magic Management Group which sells magic based entertainment and consultancy to film, television and live productions in Europe as well as marketing and training seminars that use psychological techniques derived from magic.

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James Freedman is a British performer best known among magicians for his skill as a stage pickpocket. During his signature act as 'The Man of Steal', he secretly picks the pockets of volunteer members of the audience before repeatedly stealing their watches, ties, glasses, belts and wallets.

He has performed for the Royal Family, several British Prime Ministers, celebrities and audiences in over 25 countries. James successfully picked the pockets of senior policemen based at New Scotland Yard and last year, he was invited to entertain at Downing Street where he bumped into the Chancellor of the Exchequer and ‘borrowed’ his wallet.

In 1992, James won The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year Competition and subsequently he was elected a Member of The Inner Magic Circle.

James has been a specialist advisor on numerous movies and has coached actors including Rachel Weisz, Robert Vaughn, Mark Ruffalo, Edward Norton and Sir Ben Kingsley to perform magic and pickpocket skills.

James is also CEO of the Magic Management Group which includes a specialist company that sells magic based entertainment and consultancy to film, television and live productions across Europe; and a marketing and training company that uses psychological techniques derived from magic, to improve business communication.

Interests in magic

James is interested in anything good, exceptional or outstanding...but not in that order.

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