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Paulino Gil has consulted on over more than 144 television magic shows as well as performing as two original magic characters of his own, Ya Lipu and Leonardo. He is also one of the leading organizers of magic festivals in Spain.

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Paulino Gil is an expert when it comes to organizing magic festivals in Spain. These festivals are sponsored by local government and private companies. They consist of street magic and theatre shows for the public often taking in hospitals, children’s homes, prisons and similar venues. Since 1986 Paulino has organized 17 different events throughout Spain.
The festivals have featured some of the very best magicians from around the world, including: Vito Lupo, Vickor Voitko, Danny Kole, Omar Pasha, Gazzo, Eric Magoo, Pete Wardell, Luis de Matos and Rafael.
Paulino has also developed two magic acts of his own. The first is a Japanese silent act in which he performs as Ya Lipu. The second is a comedy silent act as Leonardo.
He is also a consultant on magic and has consulted on over 144 television magic shows.

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