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René Lavand is a phenomenon. A performer of style and elegance whose skill with cards is legendary. He is an inspiration and his unique approach to magic does much to turn the craft into an art.

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Héctor René Lavandera, usually known as René Lavand (born September 24, 1928 in Buenos Aires), is a magician from Argentina specialising in close-up performance. He has appeared in Ed Sullivan's and Johnny Carson's television shows as well as shows at Hollywood's Magic Castle. After losing a hand at the age of 9 in a car crash, Lavand endured a gradual entry into the magic world, self-taught because, in his own words, all books and techniques are for two-handed magicians. After working as a cashier in a bank, at the age of 32 he appeared in Buenos Aires' Tabarís Theater, following which his career took off, leading to world tours. The catchphrase he uses to close several of his tricks is "No se puede hacer más lento" (Spanish for "it can't be done any slower"), referencing the intentional slow pace at which he performs. In between international tours, he resides in Tandil, Argentina and has adapted a train wagon which he turned into a magic saloon where he teaches illusion. He also co-wrote (with Richard Kaufman) the book "Mysteries of my Life". The book is an autobiography as well as an instructional book on Rene's magic.

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