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Magical duo Barry and Stuart made their British television début with the Channel 4 Golden Rose nominated series Magick. Their latest project is a series of astounding internet tricks designed exclusively for the BBC.

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Barry and Stuart are two Scottish BAFTA nominated comedy magicians. They regularly perform wonder invoking, laughter inducing, awe-inspiring magic. Stylistically dark and weird they are creepy, cool, and funny.
Originally from Aberdeenshire in Scotland the duo made their television début with the Channel 4 Golden Rose nominated series Magick. Following its runaway success, they went on to host the comedy series, Dirty Tricks, a live studio magic and variety show which was nominated for a Golden Rose at Lucerne in 2006.
They caused a national outcry with their Channel 4 Christmas and Easter specials, The Magic of Jesus and Tricks from the Bible in which the pair visited Egypt to walk on water, raise the dead, and even make a real honest-to-goodness virgin pregnant. As a result of these specials they were jointly nominated for a Scottish BAFTA in the category of ‘Best Performance.’
Their weird and funny illusions have earned them places in “The Twenty Sickest Tricks of All Time,” (Sky One) “Music Hall Meltdown” (BBC4) and, more recently The List magazine’s Hot 100 of 2008.
When performing live Barry and Stuart present a mixture of jaw-dropping magic, head-warping feats and comedy sketches involving genuine members of the audience. Their début appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 with their show “Part-Time Warlocks” saw total sell-out audiences and won critical acclaim “This show deserves an award” said The Stage. They followed it up in 2009 with another sell-out show "Powered By Demons".
In 2009 they created a revolutionary new form of magic for the internet which the BBC used on the iPlayer as their official April Fools Day stunt. It ranked up millions of hits and had people all over the world convinced that they had real psychic powers! Within just one week it officially became BBC3’s most successful online clip.
More magical than even Merlin himself, more laughter inducing than a bed full of extremely tickly feathers and more twisted than your twisty DNA structure Barry and Stuart are dark, often bloody but above all very funny.

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