Apollo Robbins - The Gentleman Thief

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20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb Great hearing Apollo's comments in this video. Looking forward to his presentation at EMC. Thanks for posting this.
Aaron Jones, about 9 years ago
Firethumb So many fantastic thoughts. They all need so much unpacking. Thanks EMC peeps.
Justin Morris, about 9 years ago
Paul_photothumb "Are you a giver or a taker?" My kids were lucky enough to receive from Apollo. He's a giver of the highest order! Thanks for giving yourself to this conference. Can't wait for more.
Paul Brewer, about 9 years ago
Pimpthumb Now this is magic.
Gianni Reusens, about 9 years ago
24thumb Great video! Last minute was particularly inspiring!
Hunter Green, about 9 years ago
163873_10150118031400844_754415843_7707445_7425818_nthumb Found the whole clip inspiring but that last minute struck a cord.
Dean Jones, about 8 years ago
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Apollo Robbins combines sleight of hand, pick-pocketing and con artistry to produce a uniquely deceptive entertainment. In addition to his work as a performer he has consulted for police departments, television producers and writers on the psychology and practice of con games.

About Apollo Robbins

Apollo Robbins utilizes pick-pocketing and sleight of hand to demonstrate proximity manipulation, diversion techniques and attention control. This diverse set of skills gives him a unique insight into the psychological aspects of magic.  Read full bio »