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Default-avatar-thumb Wow. So much thought about content and approach that I never realized. I had never really know of Stan before watching this video. I have a much greater appreciation for him and his publication.
JT Sansoterra, almost 9 years ago
Emcthumb I have a signed copy of Thurston's "My Life in Magic" in my bedroom. What do you mean that it isn't all true!! Next you are going to tell me that John Calvert's book isn't 100% accurate, Harry Houdini wasn't really born in Appleton, Wisconsin and Chung Ling Soo wasn't really Asian. We need to talk about this more , but for now I need to go see one of the most amazing sights that have been beheld by any eye. I wonder what his Egress looks like! Talk to you later.

Thank you Stan. Thank you for a wonderful magazine and I am so looking forward to Magic Live the 20th year anniversary!
Paul Draper, almost 9 years ago
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Stan Allen is the editor of Magic Magazine. He talks about his early influences in magic, his career as a professional entertainer and how he later found his niche as the publisher of one of the world’s leading conjuring journals.

About Stan Allen

Formerly a professional magician Stan Allen is now the editor and publisher of MAGIC Magazine. In 2011, Stan and his team will produce the fifth MAGIC Live! gathering in Las Vegas, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of MAGIC. Read full bio »