Cyril Takayama - Exclusive Video

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67223_457456898362_53657883362_5250397_3764469_nthumb I do magic. How profound and yet astoundingly true!
Chong Ivan, about 9 years ago
H_large_0uk7_3c890000001a2f75thumb just love his cigrette routine~the axn simply magic was fantastic~
Qingyang Xia, about 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb cyril rulz
stuart pullen, about 9 years ago
300_by_200_pixthumb Good answers!
Img_0534thumb Awesome Answers!

I feel the same way. Meaning I perform Magic for the art not the money.

Can't wait to hear you speak at the EMC!!
Thomas Rutherford, about 9 years ago
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About this video

For our first Essential Magic Conference Members Competition we asked you to come up with three killer questions for one of our EMC Speakers. Ali Said Jameleddine of the United Arab Emirates won with his questions for the incredible Cyril Takayama. Ali your prize of the autographed Luis de Matos Extreme DVD is on its way to you.

And now in an exclusive video here are the answers to your questions, provided by Cyril Takayama himself. Cyril is one of the world’s top magicians, famous in Japan for his amazing television specials and the best known magician on You Tube thanks to his astoundingly original illusions that have proved to be a viral video hit all over the world. Thank you Cyril.

About Cyril Takayama

Cyril is a star of Japanese television where his magic specials are among the highest rated shows. In 2007 The Academy of Magical Arts nominated him Magician of the Year. Last year he toured throughout Japan and played to sold out audiences. Read full bio »

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