Ton Onasaka - Tokyo

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Default-avatar-thumb マジックランドの商品、たくさん購入して楽しんでいます。


Hideki.Urayama, almost 9 years ago
Arcanethumb これからもよろしくお願いします。
Terry Fontaine, almost 9 years ago
Portrait_pat_lavauxthumb Thank you for these wise words. I'm enlighted to have discovered Ton Onasaka. Until now it was a name, now he is a personality. Thank's !
Patrick Walter, almost 9 years ago
Todaycoverthumb It is great to see that you are still doing well! Thanks for your friendship Ton
Victor Cephas, almost 9 years ago
Doc%20face%20wizardsthumb Ton-san,

I have delightful memories of being with you in Tokyo. You are a gracious host. My son and I hope we can return. Our best regards to Mama san and Satoshi san..
Doc Eason, almost 8 years ago
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About this video

Ton Onasaka is the proprietor of Magic Land, a shop in Tokyo specialising in magic for magicians. Ton Onasaka is the creator of many original magic effects. For many years he has played a unique role as a cultural ambassador making possible many exchanges of ideas and information between magicians in the west and Japan.

About Ton Onosaka

Ton Onosaka is the owner of Magic Land in Tokyo. He is a talented illustrator and innovative creator of close up and stage magic. He has been a leading figure in the cultural exchanges that occur between magicians in the west and Japan for many years. Read full bio »