Cyril Takayama - Tokyo

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25187_379227739542_509214542_3815427_2923102_nthumb i am beyond excited for this whole event.
Dave Sharps, about 9 years ago
Img_0534thumb I 100% agree with you Cyril!
My Motto when it comes to performing magic has always been:
Thomas Rutherford, about 9 years ago
Img_0534thumb If I can make one child widen their eyes in amazement, Make one adult forget all their problems for even a moment, & make an old person feel young again... Then I feel as though I've truly performed Magic!

Thank you for the video...
Thomas Rutherford, about 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb テレビではずっと見ていました。

Hideki.Urayama, about 9 years ago
25453_1365177525146_1102883398_31114448_7908114_nthumb Thank you~ Cyril for sharing.
I do Create my own magic and what Cyril had said is really useful to me.
Samuel Chin, about 9 years ago
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About this video

Cyril Takayama is one of the most famous magicians in the world. His spectacular television specials have made him a household name in Japan. Viral videos of his highly original take on street magic have made him one of the most popular magicians on the internet. In this interview he talks about the challenges and opportunities in performing magic for stage, television and the web.

About Cyril Takayama

Cyril is a star of Japanese television where his magic specials are among the highest rated shows. In 2007 The Academy of Magical Arts nominated him Magician of the Year. Last year he toured throughout Japan and played to sold out audiences. Read full bio »