Gaetan Bloom

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Cornflakethumb Wow! Well done!
Cornflake the Clown , about 7 years ago
Roslyn_walker_avatarthumb Catching up on EMC vids to get in the mood and somehow I completely missed this performance first time round..... OMG!!!!!!

That's all I can really say.

Gaetan is the perfect example of creative magic done to perfection.
Roslyn Walker, almost 7 years ago
Benjaminthumb This is such a well-structured routine. I saw it live in Germany and he killed the whole audience with this one.
Benjamin Bischoff, almost 7 years ago
25468_tamariz_avatarthumb I just saw Gaetan do this in Vegas and I had to come here and watch it again. Loooooooooooove this act!
Josh Chaikin, almost 6 years ago
Better_picthumb Ah, so great.
Ian Britton, almost 6 years ago
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About Gaetan Bloom

Gaetan Bloom is one of the most creative magicians on the planet. He has a knack for creating entertaining effects made possible by devilishly clever methods that not only fool laypeople but destroy magicians. Read full bio »

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