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Emc_0016_layer_15thumb Thank you David for sharing this. Very inspiring. I particularly like the insight into the different age groups and the virtue of patience.
Marco Tempest, almost 9 years ago
Mnw2thumb Excellent video David with some really well thought out insights into performing for children.
Dodd Vickers, almost 9 years ago
Magazothumb David Kaye is brillant. I higly recomend his book "Seriously Silly". There are so many lessons that we can apply to any kind of show.
Germán Arciniegas, almost 9 years ago
20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb When I was younger, all I did was children's magic and I learned so much from it that I apply to my shows today. Great to hear all your advice and for sharing your knowledge on this.
Aaron Jones, almost 9 years ago
Taus01thumb Good video David!

It is easy to realize that one needs to be gifted to perform for kids!

Nice point on having two shows in the same show, one for the kids and another one for the parents. I’ve never thought on that.

You also say that cards are not recognized but I’ll argue that you can always perform the classics because I’ve successfully performed the ambitious card routine.

If you ask a kid to draw something in a card and if his/hers drawing goes to the middle of the pack and it jumps to de top, he/she will know that something is going on.

Ok, I’m replacing the card for the drawing but it allows one to perform any card thick for kids.

I’ll never forget your performance in Encontros Mágicos, in Coimbra. It’s impressive the control you have and the way you motivate the kids. It’s just brilliant!

I'm going to try that "I don't care" theory at work because some times i fell that i'm dealing with kids :)
Carlos Miguel Mendes da Silva, almost 9 years ago
0327thumb David Kaye is such a wealth of information and you cannot go wrong incorporating his advise into your shows. His book "Seriously Silly" is a must for anyone who works with kids. I always can find helpful hints in everything he says. Thank you David.
Arthur Martello, almost 9 years ago
Mark_s_facebook_picthumb When I first started in magic, I would be hired out for children's birthday parties. I wish I had David Kaye's information back then, because children are a tough bunch to work for.
Mark Bartman, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Terrific information and insight. David's years of performing certainly come through. When I listen to him speak about performing for children he makes it sound so reasonable. Thanks David.
JT Sansoterra, almost 9 years ago
Forsidethumb Great information and insight.. i can see that i'm going to have to rethink my children show through again...

About the cards i must agree with carlos.. though i can see that normal playing cards won't work but the idea of a drawing on cards or pictures children reconise will work. i have performed the ambtious card for a retarded 9 year old who has the mental age of 5-6 with a set of blank cards where he drew a picture and he loved it and could clearly understand what happened as afterwards he ran up to his mum and told her about the trick... so maybe for children we just have to think outside of the box when it comes to cards and do a card trick that appeals to them...
Brian Cooksey, almost 9 years ago
Rudolph_snowman_cu_roarthumb Wow all that in under 15 minutes! Great info David, I look forward to the conference and listening to more from Mr Kaye. This is already shaping up to be the best $75 I ever spent.
Christopher Janis, almost 9 years ago
300_by_200_pixthumb Being a children's magician can be a lonely occupation. Other magicians, of the non children's entertainment variety, don't get the thinking and techniques behind what we do and a lot of the time switch off when you try and get into a creative conversation with them. So a big thank you David, your video confirms that I'm not crazy for enjoying my children's shows as much as the children do. It's also great to hear that as children's entertainers we come to the same conclusions and have the same experiences. Thanks for sharing!
Steve Majes / The Tricky Twister, almost 9 years ago
Timo-marc-blue-vision_rgbthumb Wow, all this knowhow in 15 minutes! Amazing - thank you so much!
Timo Marc, almost 9 years ago
Portrait_pat_lavauxthumb David Kaye shares information of great value. Since I read his book, lecture notes and articles in various magazines I can say that his tips saved many of my performances with hysterical kids LOL. His advices work great ! Thank you ;-)
Patrick Walter, almost 9 years ago
Snapshot_of_me_1thumb Well done David, a wealth of Knowledge in a short period of time. This is gold for anyone starting of in Childrens entertainment, as in not just Magic for Children. I'm 15 years on as a Childrens entertainer now and I just Love that Line when the kid says, ( I know how it done or Its up your sleeve). I DONT CARE. Looking forward to your Lecture next week. All the Best.
Michael McCarthy, almost 9 years ago
Emcthumb What a wealth of information. David's books are brilliant and lots of the core concepts are shared here!

I've found children's shows are really rewarding to perform. I hope David's video has inspired others to get out there and perform for kids.
Leif David, almost 9 years ago
Emcthumb Very informative! I learned a lot from this video. Definitely gives a good insight about performing magic for children. An eye opener indeed.
Reuben Wong, almost 9 years ago
100_3160thumb Really enjoyed this video. Made me think about children's magic and what to think about when structuring a show and what to think about including in a show. Ie-props and items that children recognise. It has made me think a lot about what I do with children in shows. Thanks a lot.
Paul Rae, almost 9 years ago
Img_0534thumb Great video! Very informative, at least for me that has not performed for children for quite sometime...

Thank you...

Thomas Rutherford, almost 9 years ago
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David Kaye is better known to his audiences as 'Silly Billy.' He is a magician and balloon modeller based in New York. Here he talks about the challenges and delights of working magic for children and reveals some of the professional secrets that made him one of the most acclaimed children’s entertainers in America.

About David Kaye

David Kaye was nominated New York's top children's entertainer by five publications. He performs 300 shows a year, many for celebrities, and lectures and writes on this important and highly specialised field of magic. Read full bio »