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Magazothumb He is one of the greatest thinkers ever. Great inspiration. I meet him at Flasoma in Perú last year ant told me something that I apply every time I preform: "Every show is like a first date". ¿How are you in a first date? you pay attention to everyting she/he tolds, you put your best clothes, always smiling....
Germán Arciniegas, about 9 years ago
Emcthumb What a wonderful video! This gives great insight into the mind of Jeff McBride. This video truly helps to share his personal passion, dream and wish for magic. Great Job!
Paul Draper, about 9 years ago
20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb I always enjoy hearing Jeff speak. I enjoy listening to the way he talks about magic in relation to performance, technique, and life. Very motivating.
Aaron Jones, about 9 years ago
Mark_s_facebook_picthumb Wow, I could listen to Jeff McBride all day. I only wish the Mystery School existed when I lived in Las Vegas. Jeff McBride is an amazing entertainer.
Mark Bartman, about 9 years ago
Img_0534thumb Agreed 100%! WOW!

I too wish I could listen to Jeff McBride's theory"s, thoughts, & philosophy on Magic for hours if not days, etc...

IIf there were only more then one "Jeff McBride" & one "Mystery School" to go around!

Thanks for the video Mr. McBride...


- Thomas
Thomas Rutherford, about 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Excellent video, my favorite so far. 8:24~9:41 really explains the essence of magic, and a guiding philosophy not just for magic but for many callings in life.
Nathan Henderson, about 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb That is a very inspiring video. When is the next plane to Vegas?
Charles Burgess, about 9 years ago
Dionthumb I love it!
Dion van Rijt, about 9 years ago
Avatar-300200thumb Great Video Jeff!
Thiago Neves, about 9 years ago
4989_1009978910138_1844957019_18085_7749531_nthumb I vote Jeff McBride/Eugene Burger for EMC '11
Mike Hankins, about 9 years ago
3thumb Re-re-re-re-re x a lot inspired!!!!! Reminded why I'm sitting here sewing a bit of plastic into a pocket, reminded of the Dream. I have Jeff to thank for the way my life is unfolding into my magic dream. Blooming good for him!
Romany, almost 8 years ago
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Jeff McBride is an award winning manipulator and the founder of The Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas. He has devoted his life to magic and the teaching of illusion. Here he talks about his philosophy of performance and a school of magic where the students transcend the masters.