Jules Fisher - Lighting Designer

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Default-avatar-thumb these videos are awesome
stuart pullen, almost 9 years ago
Eddiethumb I am a fan of Mr. Fisher and his lighting. This video was great. Thank you EMC!
Robert McNeill, almost 9 years ago
Timo-marc-blue-vision_rgbthumb great! thanks a lot!!!
Timo Marc, almost 9 years ago
Imagesthumb I can't wait for tomorrow!
Evan Bishop, almost 9 years ago
Img_0534thumb Thank for this video & your sharing your knowledge/insight into lighting techniques!


- Thomas Rutherford
Thomas Rutherford, almost 9 years ago
Emcthumb Very insightful stuff about lighting. Especially about threads :)
Very informative!
Reuben Wong, almost 9 years ago
Pat_perrythumb Thank you for sharing your experience. Great thoughts!
Pat Perry, almost 9 years ago
Iphone_dump_201109_006thumb Wonderful and unusual interview - made almost unbearable to listen to, by what sounded like someone's cellphone alarm going off continuously. WHY??!???
IAN CARPENTER, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Thank you Mr Fisher. As a stage manager for magic convention, your insight and tips are very helpful.
Mike Miller, almost 9 years ago
Avatar-300200thumb Some great professional advice in this video.
Thiago Neves, almost 9 years ago
Kirschbaum_kleinerthumb enlightening! Thank you!
Stephan Kirschbaum, almost 9 years ago
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About this video

Jules Fisher is one of the world’s leading theatrical lighting designers. For 50 years his award winning lighting designs have been seen in musicals, plays, concerts and movies. Magic has been a lifelong interest and here he talks about how magicians can use lighting to enhance their performances and bring about moments of wonder.