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Firethumb Stay away from just the pure study of mentalism, because the pure study of mentalism is not the future of mentalism.
Justin Morris, almost 9 years ago
20110820-nnm2m7q6uba4k8f1ds7h6itwqxthumb Really enjoyed what Paul had to say. Great insight!
Aaron Jones, almost 9 years ago
25645_105917222767649_100000481149079_145671_8005249_nthumb This guy's just vocalized my own thoughts about mentalism, particularly what's wrong with most mentalism, so perfectly, well it's like he read my mind. Fantastic talk, and many people could glean a thing or two from it. Good stuff.
Ben Sheldon, almost 9 years ago
Paul_photothumb Paul practices what he preaches! The real magic is his connection with his audiences. His ability to create lasting relationships with all who have the pleasure to meet him.
Paul Brewer, almost 9 years ago
25453_1365177525146_1102883398_31114448_7908114_nthumb Paul Is amazing.... He show me the beauty of the work as a Mentalist.
Thank You~
Samuel Chin, almost 9 years ago
Emcthumb Thank you so much Justin, Aaron, Ben, Paul and Samuel! Your kind words mean more to me then you know.

This is going to be an exceptional conference! I look forward to hearing from you in the sessions.

Paul Draper
Paul Draper, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Paul has such incredible insight.
Billy Guan, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb nice work paul
Tyas Frantz, almost 9 years ago
Umbrellathumb "Performance leads to performance. The more we perform, the more we perform."
I've encountered this first hand with Paul. We were working a show together in Denver, Colorado and he found out on our nights off a few local comedy clubs were having "Open Mic Nights". Paul was finding new outlets to perform in even in the middle of our full performance schedule! Great advice.
Scott Hitchcock, almost 9 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Paul has some great perspectives and insights, that mix for some fantastic theory. Great words from a fantastic magician.

Team Draper.
Austin Fields, almost 9 years ago
N521087980_1277269_826thumb Great insight and advice, it will clear up the mind of many young mentalist I know. Thanks again.
Steven Leung, almost 9 years ago
Ball%20copythumb This man truly understands effect, His thoughts are always well presented and understandable. Paul Draper, you rock!
frank zazanis, almost 8 years ago
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Paul Draper specialises in mysteries of the mind. He studied anthropology at university and lectured on communication. Now he blends his knowledge of human behaviour with magic to create a brand of mystery entertainment that has taken him all over the world.