EMC 2012 Live Preview

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Supliciothumb Where is the chat? i can't see it
Salvador Calderon, almost 7 years ago
Roslyn_walker_avatarthumb I think the chat is only available when they are streaming live.
Roslyn Walker, almost 7 years ago
Emc_0016_layer_15thumb @Salvador Calderon: You can watch the preview screencast that includes the chat on our FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151060294076969
Marco Tempest, almost 7 years ago
Johnthumb I am so excited - I think I am going to burst!!!! ;) :)
John McDonald, almost 7 years ago
Default-avatar-thumb Looking forward to the conference and the knowledge to be shared. You rock EMC!
Scot DeJong, almost 7 years ago
Gigolothumb gooooooooood editing ! Luis speaks a bloody good English ! And now I am going to watch the other thousands of hours of wisdom ;-)
Otto Wessely, almost 7 years ago
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EMC 2012 Live Preview with Luis de Matos and Marco Tempest